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            ?Shandong Province, Shouguang Luli Paper Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lu Li paper) was founded in 2005, is a key enterprise specializing in pulp and paper, Shandong province is located in Shouguang City Zhenlu Hou Li Industrial Park, north of two national open ports of Yangkou Port 20 kilometers east, 15 kilometers from Weifang port, Rong Wu highway 2 kilometers away from the factory, transportation convenience.
            Lu Li paper industry in Shandong province is the focus of paper-making enterprises, well-equipped, advanced technology, mature technology, continuously through technological innovation, improve product quality level, keep ahead in the industry, under the premise of ensuring product quality and stability, through the expansion of production capacity to further improve economic efficiency, and the elimination of backward production capacity on the basis of the original in 2010, the investment of nearly 300 million yuan, with an annual output of 180 thousand tons of cardboard on the new project. Has a domestic advanced level of 4800mm production line, the leading products for a grade of fine dried noodles, kraft board paper and high-strength corrugated base paper, production specifications for 120g - 200g, a wide range of products, with strong market competitiveness.
            The positioning technology of Lu Li paper, pulping equipment using foreign owned and cayden Andritz pulping equipment. The paper machine is provided by Liaoyang Paper Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. of high reputation and stable quality in china. The automatic control part adopts the whole process control of DCS, the main equipment is provided by SIEMENS company, and the advanced QCS is adopted to control the process quality. The company attaches importance to environmental protection production, investment of 100 million yuan in 1, the construction of sewage treatment facilities, the three phase of the project basically completed the daily sewage treatment capacity will reach 15 thousand cubic meters.
            Lu Li paper adhering to the "quality first, customer first" management concept. At present, the product market covers a wide range, all over the province and other provinces. The use of advanced technical equipment, advanced production using waste paper carton, can reduce consumption, improve the utilization rate of energy and resources, reduce production costs; no chemical pulping pollution, can reduce the production of pollutant emissions, and easy to control, and has good social and economic benefits.